The Development of KPI for Measuring Internet Performance Quality


  • M Ojebode


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); Internet Performance; University Internet Network Benchmarking (UINB).


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measuring tools that can track performance. Most of the early researchers focused more on service quality and few others on performance dimensions from the management perspective. This performance measurement approach is incomplete as it neglects system users from the measurement. Therefore, there is a need to develop more performance indicators used to measure and benchmark internet performance based on users’ satisfaction. To achieve this, the researchers studied different standard Information Technology (IT) indicators as well as the indicators pertaining to the environment within Universities. An extended enterprise user satisfaction model was applied by deriving the generic process and sub-process of the university. The means and ends of the variables were identified and the components were derived by applying general system theories. Nine performance dimensions and their performance indicators with content and attributes were derived. The developed performance indicators would help Benchmark internet services in the University of Ibadan. The Performance Indicators would provide concepts and guidelines on how to measure performances based on users’ satisfaction, facilitating easy decision making.




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